Tuesday, May 23, 2006

del.icio.us Entertainment and News !

Before you bookmark these url's i would suggest you look at

del.icio.us : its an online bookmark community, where you can share and view shared favorites . Google also released similar tool lately called as Google Notepad. So that way you will be able access ur bookmarks anywhere you go.

you can see few of my bookmarks here


Ok here are few URL's for watching movies, sitcoms and rest online.

musicnmovies : for hindi movies and sitcoms. you would need to register, sign-in and then reply to a post for the links to get un-hidden.

I foresee replacement of TV by IPTV (TV over IP) which is ought to become the next trend. These sites have quite a few episodes of good sitcoms, so now i could connect my laptop (IBM Thinkpad rocks) to TV thru S-video. You could buy them(s-video and audio cable) at radioshack.

Amazing video quality and ample of american sitcoms uploaded at peekvid and Guba

AOL has also joined the race.

TV channels have also started offering shows online at ABC , CBS ....

You could buy indian channels for viewing it online through streambox

I've been watching cricket highlights lately from Rajeev's blog. You will also find them at you-tube since that's the hosting server of Rajeev's videos.

On a side note : Samples of few cool indian Standup Comedy.




There is some great work being done by bunch of guys in bangalore with putting a site that plays Indian Rock 24x7 at Infinity. They also have a magazine on Indian Rock.

Create your own radio, pandora, excellent classification.


Next generation Slashdot would be digg, where people submit and digg tech+nerd news.

One more digg synonym - techdirt

An online news company with difference, Newsvine

Consolidation of Indian Newspapers, desicrossroads (should i say a new look to samachar) and watch out for taazza , to be released soon.

is Indian version of slashdot/digg.

That's a small collaboration of sites i have been using since past few months.


At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Vaibhav Domkundwar - india 2.0 said...

Hi Dipesh:

You might be interested in looking at indiagoes (www.indiagoes.com) which is our recently launched indian news site with a focus on delivering a simple & fast news reading experience.

At 1:21 AM, Blogger Dipesh said...

Thanks Vaibhav ! Thats some cool stuff. But i would suggest you to look for not only indian newspapers but also pull up bbc etc...

For a start you're definetly in the right direction.


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